Revenge, Rebellion, and What Have You

by Hard Pipe Hitters

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released May 12, 2014



all rights reserved


Hard Pipe Hitters Las Vegas, Nevada

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Track Name: Corporation Cannon Fodder
Work that nine to five again
Corporations got me down
When we'll we ever get a clue?!
The more they make, the more they take, they do it all for money's sake
How much will they take from you?!

Corporation cannon fodder!
Corporation greed!
You see it in your shopping malls and on your tv screens!
Corporation cannon fodder!
No one seems to see!
Sacrificing others for our fake reality!

Verse 2:
Fast food frenzy, global envy, ignorance is truth!
Work our children's hands to bone, make money from the youth!
Uncle Sam says " yes you can, it's all yours for the taking. "
We spend it all on luxury, not change we should be making!
Track Name: Flatfoot Decay
Your heroes, my terror will stay!
We're spreading the message of flatfoot decay! Your order means nothing to me! I live for rebellion and fight to be free!

Verse 1:
These cowards with badges mean nothing to me, socialism on the rise
You're too blind to see!
The hell that they bring
Just like Rodney King,
Gives me motive to terminate the terror that they bring!

Kill! All! Cops!

Chorus (x1)

Verse 2:
You fucking swine!
You think you're smug!
Treating Mary Jane like she's an awful drug!
You fucking pigs!
You're fucking done!
The only civil answer's in the barrel of my gun!

Kill! All! Cops!

Chorus (x1)
Track Name: Drink Until We Die
drink until we die, drink until we die! (X4)

Verse 1:
Out all night
With my friends
Snorting lines til 6 am
Step outside, still wasted
Splitting pain engulfs my head
Work all day, summer's hot
Beer bong whiskey, smoke more pot
Sun goes down, real fun starts
Drunken kickball at the park!

Drinking all night, smoking everyday
The Las Vegas weather and my boredom are to blame!
Fucking tourists! Get out of my way!
I'm not apart of your vacation and
This ain't a fucking game!

Verse. 2:
Get back late
Pads a mess
Beer can dinner, cause there's no food left
Bills past due
Can't pay rent
Crack this forty so I can vent
Five beers more, at the bar
Shots of whiskey take me far
You may think
My life's a mess
I have no one too impress!

Drinking all night smoking everyday!
The Las Vegas weather and my boredom are to blame!
Hit the road! Touring's never lame!
Climb up on a moving van and piss on the freeway!

Outdo: drink until we die, drink until we die(x4)
Track Name: Bastard Son Of 100 Maniacs
Late one night in an unkempt asylum
A defenseless girl locked in for the long run
There's nothing she can do to escape her fate
By 100 maniacs the girl was raped.
A bastard son of 100 maniacs
Brought into the world a social reject.
Killing mice an puppies just for fun!
All the other kids knew he was a weird one!

This isn't the end of a horrible story
It's chock full of blood and oh so gory
So lock up your kids and there nightmares too
1,2,1,2 Freddy's coming for you!

Verse 2:
This is where the bloody mess all began.
His cravings got worse when he became a man.
What's an average maniac supposed to do?
Takes a a few kids and burns em in the boiler room!
Now he's been caught, but justice is blind.
The parents get together and they burn him alive. Though little do they know this isn't the end.
Reborn in hell Freddy's back again!

Chorus (x1)

Bridge verse:
Now that he's back Freddy plots his revenge,
On the elm street parents by killing their kids. Trapped in their nightmares they don stand a chance. As the bastard son performs his deadly dance.
Slicing and cutting
Sobbing with laughter
To gather their souls is what he's been after.
You're welcome to gut him or maybe burn him alive but it doesn't matter,
Freddy never dies.
Track Name: Call Me Criminal
Crowded jail, overflow
No more room on death row.
Pack us in like sardines.
Our only crime was having green!

Where are the rapists and the murderers?
Are they too hard to find?

Lock me up and put me away!
Punish me for what I say!
All I did was smoke a bowl,
Call me a fucking criminal!

Verse 2:
Bust my ass all day long
Get home late, hit the bong
Back to work, test my pee
Throw me out on the streets!

You're just afraid to admit it!
That I work harder than you?!

Chorus (x1)

Bridge verse:
Drinking beer, smoking weed, I just took some LSD can see the sound waves of my feet from police chasing after me laugh at a cop right to his face I ate my bud he's got no case there's nothing they can do or say cause hard pipe hitting's here to stay!!
Track Name: Chicken and Waffles
Chicken & waffles Sunday brunch!
Chicken & waffles Sunday brunch!
Not really breakfast and not quite lunch, it's a chicken & waffle Sunday brunch!

Verse 1:
When I'm out on the town
And I'm getting wasted
There's only one kind of food
I wanna stuff my face in
No I don't want turkey,
No I don't want beef!
Give me that sweet chicken waffle
Relief, cause it's a...

Chorus (x1)

Verse 2:
Now I don't believe in god,
But I know there's a heaven.
When I tried this dish at the age
Of 11! It took away my pain!
It took away my strife!
I knew that I would love it for the
Rest of my life, cause it's a...

Chorus (x1)

Spoken verse:
Oh baby. Give me them sweet sweet chicken an waffles, that aunt jemima fucking syrup and eat it off my body. No utensils.

Verse 3:
Now I'm broke and homeless
And it ain't that funny
Cause chicken & waffles
Took all my money
Begging on the corner
For just one bite
Of chicken & waffles so I can sleep at night, cause it's a...
Track Name: My Satanic Appetite
You're no better than the sinners that you preach about!
You're eyes are blinded by this book of lies without a doubt!
So take some ecstasy and say hello to Jesus Christ, while I peruse the streets at night to fill satanic appetites! (X2)

Verse 1:
Another day!
But nothing seems the same to me.
The friends I had,
They're just not who they used to be.
I want to live my life away from all the others, though I'm tired of all the same mistakes why do the even bother?
You can't decide!
It has me mesmerized!
A mind surrendered to a book full of empty lies!
Of course you'll say Jesus is the only way religious doctrine claims the lives of friends I've had since 2nd grade!

Chorus (x2)

Verse 2:
Bigotry! Misogyny! No empathy!
Unspoken truth about your broken ideology!
I thought Christians were supposed to accepting but the only attitude I get from you is condescending !
It's just a crutch!
For all those simple minds!
Who can't accept that maybe nothing happens when you die!
And it just goes to show, some things will never change, hung over high or sober I am proud to say I am deranged!
Track Name: Not Your Choice
They say that she's a murderer!
They say that she's a slut!
They tell her that she'll burn in hell with all the other cunts!
It's not you're fucking body!
It's not you're fucking life!
So stay away from that women and her love life!

Verse 1:
You say that it's murder no matter how far along! No matter what the circumstance you always say that it is wrong!
Well rape and incest, they might be fine with you.
Apparently women have no say in what they do or who they screw!

Chorus (x1)

Verse 2:
The worst part about it is the children that you raise!
You force beliefs upon them, therefore progress has to pay.
You say to love thy neighbor no matter what they do!
But only if they have beliefs exactly same as you!

Now in your mind we're not saying it has to be ok.
Every diverse opinion deserves to have a say.
All we're saying is that you have the right make a choice, the information is always out there to help you find your voice!
Fear is not the way to make a case of any kind.
Compose all of your own ideas, make up your own mind.
It's when you start to force beliefs, is when it becomes just wrong.
And once this fact is realized,
Society can move along.

Verse 3:
So off to the chapel where your child's mind can grow.
A brand soldier for gods army!
A brand new hazard for god 's foes!
A victim to a birth, you know she won't survive.
That fetus still takes precedent over the mother's life!
Track Name: Cabin Fever
I try to remember the sky
The open air the freedom to be
My eyes adjust to the lie
Artificial light, the glare of TV.

My punishment, my hell
The world beyond my window doesn't exist
I fight back with the urge to yell
I fight the fever, I must resist.

This is not what life should be!
( fight the fever, cabin fever)
Put me out of my misery
(Fight the fever cabin fever) (x2)

Verse 2:
Daily routine working my last nerve
Life's a re-run and I'm going insane
Inside I'm screaming, outside I'm reserved.
A feeling of solitude I can't explain.

My punishment, my hell
The world beyond my window doesn't exist.
I fight back with the urge to yell
I fight the fever, I must resist.
Track Name: Camp 22
An oppressive leader
A brainwashed state
The starving masses
Oh ain't life great?
They'll take you out your fucking house
Stick you in a labor camp
Disagree with Kim Jong il
Be put to certain death!

Say goodbye to childhood
It just walked out the door
Say goodbye to childhood
Don't need it anymore
Say goodbye to childhood
You put up quite a fight
Now say goodbye to childhood,
And hello to real life.

Verse 2:
State propaganda on every show
Modern day big brother
It's all you know
They'll take you out your fucking house
Stick you in a labor camp
Disagree with Kim Jong il
Be put to certain death

Chorus (x1)

Spoken verse:

Camp 22 like other labor camps spread throughout North Korea is one of the largest most terrible of in humane experiments that plagues man, woman, child, and infant daily with no bias from their so called great leader.
Track Name: Shit To Say
Gotta find a job
I lost mine yesterday
Hungover like a slob
And this is what I say..

Verse 1:
I'm tired of the same old rat race work
Where you make little money and your boss is a jerk!
But I have little choice
Cause it's easy to see
That we're all going broke
In this shit economy!
Penniless and jobless
It's almost the same
Hungry and homeless
Just part of the game
Live in a society where education fails
The only thing you need to learn
Is how to bring up sales!

Gotta find a job
I lost my house today
Hungover like a slob
And this is what I say...

Verse 2:
It's all apart of the American dream
It's all big business and American greed!
So pray to your god
And hope that he'll say
The world fuckin market won't crash today!
Don't want to wear a suit
Just to work for the man
It's all for profit, apart of their plan
All I want is a home,
A roof over my head
The only home I'll have
Is a coffin when I'm dead!

Finally got a job
I killed my boss today
Hungover like a slob
And this is shit to say..
Track Name: Heroin
It's 3am, I'm really sick again.
I gotta have some heroin
I have no other friends
My only focus was to have the biggest thrills.
My girlfriend kicked me out again for stealing all her pills!

You say that it's poison
But I just don't care
My mind is collapsing
Behind this blank stare
Don't think about consequence
I just want more
I can see myself rapping
On deaths chamber door!

Verse 2:
Tomorrow will be different
I know I'll make a change
If I could get just one more hit
To kill this awful pain.
I used to love the feeling
I used to love the high
But today if I don't get my fix
I know that I will die
Listen very carefully to what I have to say, heroin is killing sons and daughters everyday
We need to stop the addicts and the pushers who support it
Or just sit back an watch our kids grow up distorted.

Chorus (x2)

And all I want is more
And all I need is more
All I want is one more god damn hit!
Track Name: Nice To Meet You
Wake up in the morning
Make her bring me food
I can be nice one second
And the next so fucking rude
I have no respect for women!
They are my slaves!
I hit em to feel satisfaction for my wife beating ways; i hit her cause it feels so soothing, piece of shit, not even human!
And I'll have no respect for women til I'm dead in my grave!

Nice to meet you I'm a wife beater!
To you an equal, but to me I gotta hit her!(x2)

Verse 2:
For better or for worse, she is my wife
I'll feed her, clothe her, even beat her but she'll have no social life!
And I have no respect for women!
They are my slaves!
I'll taker her out to movies
I'll take her out to eat
I'll take that bitch right to the house where my lover I will beat
And I'll have no respect for women!
Til I'm dead in my grave

Nice to meet you I'm a wife beater
To you an equal but to me I've got to hit her!(x2)

Beat. Your. Wife. To. Death.
Track Name: The Bomb
Going out tagging on a Thursday night
Bomb another wall? think I just might
Steal some more cans from the hardware store, they tell me to stop but I always want more!
Started hitting up a spot an wouldn't you know, I hear a screaming siren it's the fuckin popos!
Saw the red and blue lights
So I has to get Rollin'
I hopped a couple walls but they
Knew where I was going.

I put my heart in every line!
My soul in every curve!
They want to prosecute me
But it's not what I deserve

Verse 2:
Now I'm running through my block
The pigs not far behind
Blood is pumping, heart is thumping
Jail is on my mind
I wonder why society hates my art so much, oscar g. wants to single out me but I still don't give a fuck!
It's just some paint on a wall
No need to react
Just expressing my opinion is not a terror attack!
You can take me down
Or you can paint it off
And even I sit in jail my legacy lives on!
Track Name: Unlegit So Quit
Put up your hair, think that you're cool.
But all your fucking homies say "that guy's a tool"
Go to the show, heard that your down
When you're not in the spotlight you just stand around! So many people like this in the scene today, what're we gonna do? What're we gonna say?

Fuck off!
You stupid prick, I don't want to hear about scene politics!
Fuck you!
You're not legit, all I want to do is play music!

Verse 2:
Go to the mall, show off the band.
Cause all the pretty minors love a Pervy front man! Quit trying so hard!
We get it dude! When your eating out it's children on the menu.
So many people like this in the scene today. What're we gonna do? What're we gonna say?

Chorus (x1)

Bridge verse:
Now it really doesn't matter who this song is about just look around in your crowd watch as all their faces fill with doubt! Sick of all the bullshit, sick of all the lying. It's because of dicks like you that our scene is fucking dying! Unity is just another word when it's unmentioned; you don't do it all for pussy, mostly the attention!